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The Deputy Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly,Hon.Leyii Kwanee has assured of his unflinching support to Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi for his defection to the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Speaking to newsmen at the Port Harcourt International Airport,Omagwa,shortly on arrival from Abuja where he went for an official duty to represent the Assembly in Court cases,the Deputy Speaker said that the decision was in the best interest of the state pointing out that if the governor had not defected it would have been a disservice to Rivers people.

He reminded Rivers people that the governor was pushed to the wall and he endured all these while because the president comes from his extraction.

He further said that Rivers people have suffered a lot under PDP leadership.

Hon.Kwanee pointed out the case of Soku oil field which was ceded to Bayelsa state,the security helicopter acquired by Rivers government with approval of federal government which was denied entrance into Nigerian air space and the Rivers aircraft that was grounded by the aviation minister for political reasons.

Continuing,He said that the UNEP report which affected the state particularly the Ogoni was treated with disdain and so many other things acruing to the state from the federation were denied by the federal government.

This,he said,showed that the PDP leadership and presidency do not care a hoot about the Rivers people rather places politics above their interest and development.

The Deputy Speaker said in view of this that the Rivers people must chart their own course and free themselves from impediments against their progress and development as Nigerian constitution offers alternatives and enabling environment for choice.

“Are PDP states better than states controlled by APC. What have we been gaining in PDP as a state”

He condemned the politics played in Nigeria against the rules of democracy.

He urged Rivers people to give massive support as usual to their governor as Rt.Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is defending the interest of Rivers people against parochial interest pointing out that history will vindicate him.



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