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NCAA DG,Others Earn N4.2 billion Annually

The Director-General of the troubled Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, nine directors of the agency and 956 other members of staff earn N4.2bn as salaries and allowances annually.
This personnel cost represents 27.92 per cent of the annual budget of the NCAA, which stood at N15.3bn this January.

The “Certification” page of the NCAA’s 2013 budget, which our correspondent obtained in Abuja on Sunday, read, “The management of the NCAA, under the supervision of the Minister of Aviation, is hereby authorised to spend the sum specified in the schedule outlined here from the funds of NCAA during the year ending 31st December, 2013, not exceeding N15,316,850,000.”
A copy of the document was also lodged with the House of Representatives Committee on Aviation investigating the N255m bullet-proof cars the NCAA bought for the Minister of Aviation, Ms. Stella Oduah.
The agency has nine directors on its payroll, taking home N164.07m yearly. This is broken down into N18.6m (basic salary) and N142.4m (allowance).
The DG earns a total pay package of N22.6m, sub-divided into N2.9m (basic salary) and N19.9m (allowance).
The DG and nine top directors earn a combined annual pay of N186.7m every year.
The NCAA has 699 of its workers on salary GLs 7-13, who earn a combined salary of N1.9bn yearly.
This is broken down into N426.6m (basic) and N1.4bn (allowance).
There are 95 workers on GL 7; 168 on GL 8; 139 on GL 9; 76 on GL 10; 141 on GL 12; and 80 on GL 12.

Similarly, 200 senior officers on GLs 14-17, earn a combined sum of N1.7bn annually.
The break down indicates N245.7m as basic salary and N1.4bn as allowance.
The NCAA also has 67 members of staff on GL 14; 62 on GL 15; 52 on GL 16; and 19 on GL 17.
At the lowest rung of the ladder are 56 workers on GLs 4-6, collecting a total of N68.7m as a pay per annum.

This group’s basic salary is N13.1m, while the allowance is N53.6m per year.
A further breakdown indicates that the 67 members of staff on GL 14 earn a combined pay of N315.6m, while the 62 on GL 15, earn N597.6m and the 52 on GL 16, take home N584.1m.
The 19 senior officers on GL 17 earn a total of N282.4m, bringing the total pay package for this category (GLs 14-17) to N1.7bn per year.

The same applies to the 95 workers on GL 7, who earn a total of N171.7m, while the 168 members of staff on GL 8 take home N363.2m and the 139 on GL 9 collect N347.08m.
The 76 members of staff on GL 10 earn N222.1m, while the 141 members of staff on GL 12 take home N548.5m and another 80 employees on GL 13, earn N331.09m per annum, bringing the overall total for this category (GLs 7-13) to N1.9bn.

As for the 12 employees on GL 4, they earn N12.7m, while the 22 on GL 5, earn N26.06m and the 22 on GL 6, take home N29.9m, bringing the total for the category (4-6) to N68.7m per annum.



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