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Pictures: See the man who photographs his mother having sex[Explicit Content]

Leighs-mother-and-younger-sex-partner in bed

Leighs-mother-and-younger-sex-partner in bed

For his project Pretend You’re Actually Alive, Leigh Ledare traced his mother Tina from teenage ballet dancer to mature sexual exhibitionist. From Tina naked in bed with a younger man to mother and son canoodling, here’s a selection of works from the project, which are included in Home Truths: Photography, Motherhood, Identity at the the Photographers’ Gallery in London from 11 October to 5 January 2014.
Leigh's Ledare's Mother and Sex Partner

Leigh’s Ledare’s Mother and Sex Partner

An attractive middle-aged woman, naked bar a pair of red high heels, poses as if for a porn shoot, her legs spread wide and a defiant look in her eyes. In another photograph, the woman is naked and laughing, entangled with a younger male lover. Elsewhere, in furtive black-and-white shots, she is pictured having sex with various – mostly younger – men. These are some of the more provocative photographs from Leigh Ledare’s series Pretend You’re Actually Alive – and, even without knowing their full context, they are not for the easily offended.




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