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Nollywood Actress, Liz Da Silva Converts To Islam Because Of Baby [Images]Before & After Pregnancy

The Togo-born actress who converted from Christianity to Islam after her childbirth did her Islamic name change (Wonka Ceremony) after which she changed her name to Aishat Olaoye.

The actress said she preferred to be called Aishat instead of her former Christian name.

“In case you want to know I have a good relationship with my baby’s father and that is why I had to convert to Muslim and got a new name Aishat before they baby was named. I am a Christian, but I had to convert to Islam because of my baby,” Liz Da Silva revealed in a recent interview.

Insiders revealed that the actress has secretly disclosed that the man who impregnated her is one Alhaji Olaoye, a close friend to popular Oshodi transport boss MC Oluomo.

Nollywood Actress, Liz Da-Silva

Nollywood Actress, Liz Da-Silva

Because of the closeness between MC Oluomo and Liz Da Silva’s baby father, the actress was linked to him.

Another source said the actress wasn’t a committed Christian that is why her conversion to Islam was made easy.

A close friend of Liz disclosed “She’s my close friend and I feel so disappointed for her abrupt change of name. She didn’t even seek any advice prior to taking the risk. Her Alhaji must have used remote control for her”

“I remember the day I warned Lizzy to beware of men but she promised me he is just helping her out of her financial woes. “

Nollywood actress, Liz Da-Silva during her pregnancy

Nollywood actress, Liz Da-Silva during her pregnancy



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