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An American Pope is being considered, Vatican sources say [REPORT]

American-Cardinal Timothy Dolan

American-Cardinal Timothy Dolan

The idea that an American could become Pope was once thought to be so bizarre that it was dismissed out of hand by informed observers of the ‘Holy See’. However, the world has changed now and new reports from alleged Vatican sources say an American Pope might be next.

The Lonely Intelligence Group Network, LIGNET confirm that there are reports out of Rome that claim Italians within the Curia (the influential Vatican bureaucracy) support Cardinal Odilo Scherer from Brazil as the new Pope because they believe he can be controlled thus probably increasing Scherer’s chances of becoming the next leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

However, LIGNET believes such reports will energize numerous reform-minded Cardinals who want an independent Pope not bound to the Curia in any way and this is where American, Cardinal Timothy Dolan comes in.

According to reports, new circumstances have arisen which make it possible for an American to become the next Pope.

Of course there are notable hindrances in place that still make this improbable, but it is believed that Cardinal Dolan has a good chance to be chosen for the position, both because the timing is right and because of his individual strengths.

One thing is certain according to reports; there are factions among the Cardinals that are fighting strongly to prevent an Italian from the papacy, including Cardinal Angelo Scola, who is one of the present choices under consideration.



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