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BBA Star, Goldie Harvey Laid to Rest,See her Lying in State Pictures

Goldie Harvey's Casket

Goldie Harvey’s Casket

Family and Friends of the late singer Goldie Oluwabimpe Susan Harvey (Nee Filani) gathered to pay their last respect as she was laid to rest Monday morning at the Ikoyi Vaults and Gardens, Lagos.

The singer who was from Ekiti state, died on February 14th from a hypertensive heart condition; the autopsy carried out at the Lagos State teaching Hospital showed that her heart condition resulted to intracerebral haemorrhage just a few hours after she returned from a trip from a trip to the United States where she attended the annual Grammy Awards.

Goldie was signed on to Kennis Music Label and represented Nigeria at the Big Brother All Star reality show in South Africa in 2012.

Meanwhile, colleagues and friends of the deceased have continued to give their tribute to the late singer. Her best friend, Denrele Edun who was with her when she passed described Goldie as “My lifeline, my lexicon, Therapist and support system…we have known lots of pleasure, at times endured pain, we have lived in the sunshine and walked in the rain”.

He disclosed a hidden side of the late artist as he stated that, “The Goldie I knew, despite your success and worldwide recognition, still wondered, “Am I good enough?” “Am I pretty enough?” “Will they like me?” It was this burden that made you great…And that made you stumble in the end. Goldie if you can hear me now, you weren’t good just good enough – You were abso-frigging-lutely GREAT!”

“Your parting has left a void, but I will fit it with remembered joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss and oh yes, these things I too will miss. Even though we are separated and for a time apart, I am not alone cos you’re forever in my heart. I will move mountains to continue your legacy, I will crash ceilings to spread your good works, I will break barriers to sell your “market” but above all, I will cherish the awesome times we spent together…You will forever be my source of infinity!” Denrele’s moving tribute read.

The two had shot a few episodes of their reality show ‘True Friendship’ which was billed to air on television later this year.



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