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Tension rises as ABU Vice-Chancellor says no to new church on campus

abdullahi-mustapha-VC-Ahmadu Bello University-Nigeria

abdullahi-mustapha-VC-Ahmadu Bello University-Nigeria

A security operative in Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Kaduna State, has confirmed to SaharaReporters that Vice Chancellor Abdullahi Mustapha’s refusal to allow a Catholic Chapel at the Kongo Campus is creating tension between the Christian community and the management.

Discussions over the building of a new Church on Kongo campus has ongoing been on for years, and the Christian community in the university is accusing the management of favouritism on the grounds that there are several Mosques on the campus and that it has never denied the Muslim community permission to construct a new one.

The security operative said, “As it is now, there is tension because of the development and we have forwarded our security report to our superiors for prompt action.”

In a letter dated February 18, 2013, addressed to the Catholics and the Christian community, Professor Mustapha said, “there will be no more new Churches on the Kongo Campus”, and asked the Christian community to arrange to utilize the existing chapel.

The university is yet to respond to the issue in the media, but the Christian community is understood to have formally alerted the Kaduna State government and the security agencies of the latest developments

[Sahara Reporters]



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