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SSS smashes Iran-linked Plot to Assasinate Babangida,Dasuki

Nigeria’s State Security Service,SSS, on Wednesday stated that it has uncovered a terrorist plot to attack two prominent Nigerians.

The targets of the plot include former President Ibrahim Babangida and former Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki.

Briefing newsmen on the development at the SSS headquarters in Abuja, the Deputy Director of Public Relations, Ms. Marilyn Ogar, said that the principal suspect, Mr. Abdullahi Mustapha Berende, confessed that he was tasked to provide names of prominent Nigerians who if attacked could unsettle the West.

Berende was said to have given the names of former President Ibrahim Babangida and Ibrahim Dasuki, former Sultan of Sokoto, to his Iranian handlers.

Ms. Ogar revealed that on the heels of measures taken to check the wave of terrorism, and based on painstaking investigations which lasted for six months, that the SSS arrested Berende,an indigene of Ilorin, Kwara state on 17th December, 2012, for his active involvement in espionage and terrorist activities.

The suspect, who is a 50 years old local leader of the Shiite sect in Ilorin was observed to have made several suspicious trips to and from Iran where he interacted with some Iranian elements known to operate a high profile international terrorist network.

Among other things which the SSS alleged that Berende confessed to was that he was tasked to establish a terrorist cell in the South -Western part of Nigeria with particular emphasis on Lagos and that in his bid to establish the network, he recruited the following lieutenants; Suleiman Olayinka Saka, Saheed Aderemi Adewumi who have also been arrested and Bunyamin Yusuf who is said to be at large.



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