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Oscar Pistorius granted bail for $114,000

Bail for Olympic runner Oscar Pistorius set at 1 million South African rand ($114,000).

Magistrate: State failed to show Pistorius is flight risk, or that he would be a danger to society, or that his release would cause a public disturbance.

Pistorius charged with premeditated murder in February 14 shooting death of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, 29. Pistorius claims he thought she was an intruder.
Live updates below.
Here’s a fuller list of the bail conditions:

Pistorius must pay 1 million South African rand ($114,000). He must pay 100,000 rand in cash before the end of today, and the remaining 900,000 by March 1.

He must surrender his passport and firearms.

He cannot go near an airport.

He will have no access to his house in Pretoria.

He cannot drink alcohol.

He must appear at a police station every Monday and Friday.

The magistrate has now raised the bail to 1 million South African rand, or roughly $114,000.

This raising of the bail – four times the initial amount announced just minutes earlie rhappened after some discussion in the courtroom.

The next court date has been scheduled for June 4.



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