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Crisis brews in Nigerian House of Representatives over Allowances



A fresh round of crisis might be looming in the House of Representatives following allegation by some aggrieved members that the leadership of the House has short-changed them in the payment of their salaries and allowances.
According to the Vanguard, which reported this development, the aggrieved members accused the leadership of trading with their salaries and allowances since the inception of the current 7th session of the NASS. The members, who did not want to be named for now, said the management of the NASS had at the inauguration of the current session started paying them a paltry N15 million per quarter as against the N43 million that their predecessors were getting per quarter.
With documents to buttress their point, these aggrieved members pointed out that the management later in June 2012 grudgingly jerked their pay to N27 million per quarter following threats by some angry members to confront the leadership. They are saying that it is wrong for their pay to be unjustifiably and inexplicably slashed by the leadership of the House of Representatives when the allocation to the NASS has not been reduced from N150 billion per year by the Federal Government.
It was learnt that unlike in the Dimeji Bankole-led House of Representatives when members were paid N43 million per quarter, the current leadership has only paid a maximum of N27 million to members with effect from June last year without explaining to members what happens to the balance of the money. “That is why we want to draw the attention of Nigerians to a potential war that is about to break out in the House of Representatives unless our money is fully remitted to us as was the case in the 6th NASS,” the members warned.
Source: Vanguard



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