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“Madness!” Rihanna for River Island LFW show report: Was she worth the wait?

London Fashion Week got geared up and giddy for Rihanna’s debut catwalk collection for River Island on Saturday night.

And Rihanna certainly knows how to bag her some headlines. All you had to do was cop a look at her debut collection to see that. Nipples! String vest dresses! Thigh-high slits and thigh-high leather buckle boots! Sexy stuff.

Frenzied fans and celebrity FROW-goers jostled for space on what was arguably the most overly-subscribed LFW show that the capital has seen in seasons .

It’s fair to say the Where Have You Been singer, 24, knows how to sing too – she’s nothing if not talented. Oh and she oozes sex appeal and wears dresses, well, really rather well too. In essence, she was a high street collaboration waiting to happen.

But style experts fought it out on Twitter before the show, with some leading Fashion Editors tottering away in protest – and off to Thomas Tait’s show – claiming that ‘the celebrity designer’ is stealing the limelight from new, raw, design talent.

Then again, 53.2% of the rest of the world (ish) went to stare at Rihanna for River Island.

Running at 47 minutes late and counting, Rihanna certainly had that whole ‘being fahhhsionably late’ thing perfected. (*Feel free to insert a very obvious Where Have You Been quip here*)

But was her collection really worth the wait? Should the attention have gone to Tait?

Or is Rihanna so “fierce” (her words) and “fashionably fit” (ours) that frankly the girl can get away with being light years late for her own show… just so long as she keeps the rest of us in high chic, low price and WOAH-THERE SEXY slip dresses for the foreseeable?

Yeah probably that last one. We’re a sucker for a slip dress, sorry.
Credits:Mirror UK



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