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Mystery Girl Attempts Suicide At Wuse II Abuja

mystery abuja girl

mystery abuja girl

here was drama as a mystery girl believed to be in her late 20s tried to kill herself along Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 11, yesterday.  The girl who said she was frustrated with life occasionally ran into the road daring on-coming cars to run her over. The drama took place opposite the popular Sharrif plaza as concerned passers-by and shop owners continued to restrain her out of the road, pleading with her not to take her life. The development resulted in a serious traffic jam along the ever busy road as motorists had to stop to avoid running her over each time she ran into the road.

When asked why she wanted to kill herself, she told our correspondent that she was tired of life.
“I am tired of life, I just want to die,” she said.
Pressed further for reasons why she would want to take her own life, she said “I am tired of talking, I don’t want to talk anymore, I just want to die, I am tired of this life,” she said even as she refused to give her identity.
When LEADERSHIP sought from shop owners around about the identity of the girl, they all said she was unknown to anyone in the area.As at the time our correspondent visited the scene, no social worker had come to the girl’s help.     
A phone dealer at the plaza, who simply gave his name as Okechuchwu, told our correspondent that “the girl has been running into the road with the intention of having a car run her over since 9am. We don’t know her, nobody around here knows her, we have been pleading with her not to kill herself but she won’t listen.”
Speaking further he said, “we don’t even know why she would choose this point to come and kill herself. No one knows where she came from. Government officials should please come and take her away.”
Asked if the girl was probably insane, Okechukwu said, “I think she knows what she’s doing because she only runs into the road when big cars are coming, she doesn’t want a small taxi to hit her, she will run and lie on the road only when big cars are coming.”




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