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30-Year-Old Homosexual Arrested In Ibadan For Raping Male Teenager



A 30-year-old man , Ayo Fatumbi , has been arrested by the Oyo State Police Command for assaulting one Olaoluwa (not real name) by forcefully having anal sex with him.
The crime was allegedly committed by the accused and one Ade who is currently at large on Thursday, January 24, at the residence of one Bolaji Adedayo on Gbadebo Street, Mokola area of Ibadan.
It was learnt that on the fateful day, Olaoluwa’s mother sent him on an errand and was intercepted on the staircase by Fatumbi and Ade .
He was allegedly dragged into Adebayo’s room, who was not around then, after which his assailants brought out a knife, threatening to kill him if he would not submit himself to their demand.
They were said to have pulled off Olaoluwa’s clothes and took turns to have sex with him through his anus. They were said to have threatened him again that they knew his school, warning him strictly not to tell anyone.
The bubble burst on Sunday, January 27, when, during Sunday School in the church, a woman noticed that the seat of Olaoluwa’s trousers was stained with blood as he was bleeding from the anus.
After much persuasion, Olaoluwa opened upto the woman and narrated his experience to her. He was immediately rushed to Jericho Hospital, Ibadan where he was treated. The medical report indicated that “there are two noticeable tear (laceration) in the 6’oclock position of anal verge” . Fatumbi , who said he was married with two children said he was forced into the homosexual act by another man, Ade , whom he met through another friend.
He, however, said that he only hugged the boy. Adedayo , also a father of two, said he was introduced to homosexualism by one Gbenga while he was in school and he continued to engage in it even after marriage. He revealed that Gbenga would hold him in a hug and would caress his (Adedayo) penis until he would ejaculate. It was a different style with his late partner whose name he gave as Tayo .
Adedayo said he used to put his penis between his partner’s inner thighs until he would attain the height of sexual pleasure.
He said he had been trying to stop the habit but it had reduced from the way he was participating actively in the past. He added that his pastor was aware of his habit and been praying for him so that he could stop.
Adedayo also told Tribune’s Crime Features that his friend, Busayo and Ade were also into same sex relationship.
The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Clement Adoda , confirmed the story when Tribune contacted him.
Culled from Tribune.



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