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CPC Condemns FCT N253 Billion Budget Proposal

CPC Party Logo

CPC Party Logo

The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has condemned the N253 Billion budget proposal by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Mr. Bala Muhammed, describing it as a “spectacle of outrageous imprudence,” and called on the National Assembly to investigate it.

The Spokesman for CPC, Rotimi Fashakin in a statement on Sunday, drew attention to several outrageous lines embedded in the budget, including N4 Billion for construction of First Lady’s mission building; N5 Billion for rehabilitation of commercial sex workers; N7 Billion for construction of two city gates; and N150 Million for renovation of Vice President’s guest houses in Asokoro.

“It is appalling to see budgetary allocation as much as N4 billion for the office of the First Lady that is not recognized by the Nation’s constitution,” the party lamented. “A cursory view of these budgetary items easily reveals that this PDP-led regime is never in short supply of nauseous financial recklessness and indescribable superfluity of indiscretion.”

“At a time when many Nigerians have been rendered homeless by the anti-people stance of the PDP-led FCT administration, it is ludicrous to imagine that, rather than embarking on projects in alleviating the afflictions, this clueless regime has again shown its undisguised self-centeredness. Indeed, it beggars belief that a supposed democratic government can revel in such thoughtless insensitivity!”

CPC further recalled that only recently, a N7 Billion allocation for the construction of a new home for the Vice President was increased to N16 Billion.“Despite the show of outrage by the Nigerian people – as evinced by their elected representatives in the National Assembly- the same regime is demanding another humongous allocation for renovating the guest houses for the same Vice-president.”

The party said it has become convinced that the current PDP-led administration is incapable of judicious appropriation of scarce resources, and called on the National Assembly to investigate and reverse the scandalous budget proposals.



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