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You Can’t Change Your Life Until You Change What You Do Everyday

You can’t change your life until you change what you do everyday”

John C. Maxwell

Steve was an employee on one big shipping company. Steve was a smart, brilliant, but he was a lazy person. He was working at that company almost 5 years, but his career is not moving at all.

Brandon was an employee on that company too. Brandon was hardworking, not careless, and positive personality. But, Brandon is not smart as Steve. Brandon got promotion in his 3rd years of working.

What the illustrations told us about? Why Steve didn’t got promotion even he was smart person? Why Brandon got promotion even he’s not smart as Steve?

What Steve do everyday with his lazy personality, even he’s was as smart person, he was not improving himself at all. But, what Brandon do everyday with his positive personality, he was feed his personality everyday with good experiences, good character, and good minded.

We can change our life into the better one if we commit to change it. John C. Maxwell with his statement, want to show us that a better life will come to us if we search it everyday. If we want in future we have a better position on company, then you should do your jobs the best everyday on that company. And then position will come to you.

So, how we can change our life?

1. Change Everyday. Always do today jobs better than yesterday jobs.

2. Positive Minded. Thinking the good things and throw away the bad think.

3. Commitment. Commit with your decisions to change.

4. Sacrifice. No Sacrifices, No Success.

“You Can’t Change Your Life Until You Change What You Do Everyday”

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Layong_Lim http://EzineArticles.com/?You-Cant-Change-Your-Life-Until-You-Change-What-You-Do-Everyday&id=1033415



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